Tarek Bel Haj Kacem

Tarek Bel Haj Kacem is an industrial computer engineer from INSAT. He is the product owner of ElcoMES/EMS plateforme installed in many industries and DataCenters inside and outside Tunisia.
Tarek worked on different solutions for industry 4.0, industrial IoT systems and Smart Building Environmental Monitoring System which gave him the experience to training on Industry 4.0 Roadmap, Data Center Environmental Protection and Power Management.

As a fan of robotics, Tarek was part of university robotics clubs, in 2015 he was the president of the Tunisian national day of robotics TUNIROBOTS, in 2016 he was the co-founder and treasurer of the Tunisian robot law association and in 2018 he was one of the founders of the Tunisian robotics federation.