Bertil Brendeke

Bertil Brendeke

CRO - Botguard

Bertil Brendeke, born in 1965, is an accomplished figure known for his independence and networking abilities. His impressive career within the hosting industry, spanning over two decades, began in 2002 and has positioned him as an expert in his field.

Bertil's early years were characterized by a career in the finance industry. His fierce independence and a quest for knowledge, nurturing traits were developed well during this episode of his journey that would later prove instrumental in his career. A problem-solver at heart, he was always attracted to challenging situations where he could apply his skills, and the evolving hosting industry offered him exactly that opportunity.

In 2002, he plunged into the hosting industry, leveraging his formidable networking skills to establish critical connections. Bertil's ability to navigate diverse relationships and negotiate complex agreements quickly distinguished him among his peers. He crafted with his co-workers unique business models which could be recognized as emerging trends in the industry, co-creating and selling innovative solutions to allow hosters to improve system efficiency by automation and security.

Over the years, Bertil's reputation as a strategic thinker and a go-to person for problem-solving has only grown. His knack for connecting people and organizations has proven invaluable, fostering collaborations and partnerships that have been pivotal in driving the business forward.

Despite his substantial accomplishments, Bertil's core principle of independence continues to guide his work. He persists in challenging traditional norms, tirelessly seeking out fresh perspectives and opportunities. This philosophy, coupled with his extensive experience, makes Bertil an inspirational figure, not just within the hosting industry, but also for anyone aspiring to make their mark in a rapidly changing technological landscape.